How to Make a Website with WordPress – Creating a Blog with Style


Welcome to Bloggerbase, the best place to get started building a blog. The process is incredibly simple if you have the correct information. Our goal here is to keep things quick and dirty, yet easy to understand so even a novice can follow.

We will essentially walk through exactly how this very site has been setup on WordPress running the genesis framework for a theme.

Here is a quick road map to help those first timers out there trying to make a website.

Part 1. Register domain

Part 2. Purchase a hosting plan

Part 3. Point nameservers for domain to new host

Part 4. Install WordPress

Part 5. Install themes and plugins

Part 6. Dominate with your new blog

That’s the general overview, we dive into each part of the process step by step, just follow the links above. For those who need a little less hand holding, here’s the quick and dirty version of the process.

Register domain

If you haven’t already chosen a domain name you will want to do so immediately. Godaddy and Namecheap are both great registrars to work with.

Choose a Hosting Plan

Probably the most important part of making a website is choosing a solid host. There is no one size fits all provider that is simply the “best” hosting provider. And if you go searching for something like that you’ll find nothing but biased affiliate sites. Generally if you’re running a small site, Hostgator is quality and affordable solution.

Point your Nameservers

Now we have our domain, we have our hosting plan, it’s go time. On your cpanel for whatever host you choose, you’ll find the specific nameservers to use. Typically this is in the left sidebar and you should get them emailed to you with the welcome email.

See the example:

website nameservers

Now sign into your registrar and click edit nameservers. The example below shows Godaddy, every registrar is going to have a slightly different layout but the process will be the same.

enter nameservers on godaddy

Now paste in the nameservers that we just pulled up from our cpanel or welcome email.

add nameservers screen

Save and you’re good to go. Now depending on the registrar it can take up to 24 hours for everything to update so be patient.

How to Install WordPress

Now this is something people tend to way over complicate. Hostgator offers a free software installer that we can use to handle the WordPress installation for us. Then all we have to do is enter in the site title, site description, username, and password, click go, and let the software do the work for us.

Login to your cpanel, then scroll down the software and services section and click the “Fantastico De luxe” smiley face icon.

fantastico delux in cpanel

Now click WordPress on the left hand side.

fantastico screenshot

Next you will have to enter in your details for the install. In the screenshot we have used as an example, be sure to enter your information here. Be cautious of the Install in directory field, note how it’s blank in the example.

fantastico wp insTALL

This will install WordPress in the main root of the domain, on some installers the default will be “wp” which would install WordPress in the /wp/ folder. No bueno, so be aware of this.

Click Install WordPress and you will have a perfectly installed wp site in moments.

Now visit your and login (hopefully you saved the username password from the previous step) and take a deep breath of that fresh WordPress air.

Install Themes and Plugins

Now developing a WordPress site is not something we will even begin to tackle here, let’s just cover installing your theme and a few handy plugins.

Start by navigating to the themes tab.
themes tab

Click Add new, Upload, Browse to the theme, install and activate. Now your theme is installed, the process for installing and activating plugins is the same, just navigate to plugins and Add new.

genesis framework screenshot

Congratulations, you just built a website

For the purposes of our quick guide on how to make a website, we have covered the basics. There are obviously many level of complexity with WordPress or building any site, but this is the process for setting up a simple WordPress site, cut and dry.

We hope you found our tutorial useful and easy to follow, let us know if you need any assistance setting up a blog, we offer a free blog installation service but you must signup with the hosting provider that we recommend. For many people this is a no-brainer option as they’re going to signup for hosting anyway and this compeltely takes the thinking out of it.

We send you your login and other info, then you can hit the ground running. For the in-depth guide, you can start reading Part 1 on how to choose a domain name where we cover every part of the process. Thanks for stopping in and good luck with your new site!